We want YOU! To write! For us! (So many! Exclamation! Points!)

Are you ready to read, research, rephrase, and reason… for SCIENCE?

FlipScience aims to be a compelling, informative, and accessible online science resource for the Filipino audience. In line with this, FlipScience also seeks to provide opportunities for science writers who would like to get a head start on pursuing a science journalism track in the Philippines.

If you’re a new or aspiring Filipino journalist who (1) is passionate about science and science writing, (2) understands the country’s urgent need for more science practitioners and wants to do something about it, and (3) takes great joy in taking down pseudoscience articles and misinformation through well-researched and entertaining news and feature articles, then this just might be the perfect job for you!

Do I need to be a scientist to become a science writer?

The quick answer? Absolutely not.

While having a background in science is definitely a plus, it’s not a requirement. Science writers serve as the bridge of communication between science practitioners and the general public. Basically, it is our job to take the information and concepts we get from science practitioners and transform them into compelling content that our readers can more easily absorb and appreciate. As long as you’re willing to do the necessary research (and to read, read, read!) in order to create an article that’s both scientifically accurate and enticing to read, you can definitely become a science writer.

Join FlipScience’s team of science writers!

As one of FlipScience’s science writers, you will be creating news articles and features about a variety of science-related topics that the Filipino digital audience would find relevant and entertaining. 

Among the article types you’ll be writing are:

  • Informative, “evergreen” feature/humor articles that would be relevant and interesting to Pinoys; these articles should ideally answer a question or dispel (or prove) longstanding Pinoy myths
  • Interviews with Pinoy scientists, science educators, and science-related industry pioneers
  • Articles on local science-related events, such as government-sponsored science fairs
  • Local and international science news (for now, under the Physical Sciences, Health, Tech, Prehistory, Plants & Animals, and Space categories)

If you want to be part of the FlipScience team, simply answer the form below, and we’ll reach out to you as soon as possible.

It doesn't have to be science-related! Any of your three best writing samples would suffice.

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