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Article submissions

We accept contributions in the form of the following types of content (subject to our review and edits, where necessary, prior to publishing):

– Article submissions that fall under FlipScience’s featured categories (News, Space, Nature, Tech, Biodiversity, Prehistory, Health) and tackle issues or subject matter that’s relevant to the Pinoy audience

– Press releases for science-related news and events for Filipinos

Send us an email at flipscienceph@gmail.com with the words “Article Submission” or “Press Release” in the subject line and we’ll get back to you. All submissions accepted for publication will be published with the byline/s of the author/s.

Note: While we are accepting voluntary article submissions, we are not looking for full-time writers at the moment.


You may also help us in the form of financial support. No amount is too small – your contribution will go a long way towards keeping the site alive.

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