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It has been 150 years since Dmitri Mendeleev showed the world his Periodic Table of Elements. It’s the version of the tool that pretty much everyone is familiar with, or has used at least once. There’s just something so strangely appealing about the way the Periodic Table presents the elements; a sense of efficiency and elegance that gives the table a distinct charm. One might even say that there’s an art to the arrangement of the elements on the Periodic Table.

Indeed, all throughout history, evidence abounds that art and science are inseparable. These two pillars of civilization have always had an interesting sort of chemistry–and often, it is their union that allows humanity to keep moving forward.

And for the artists and scientists of Trial & Error: Art & Science Collective (T&E), this presented an opportunity for a collaboration that is, for lack of a better word, dynamic.

A dynamic exhibit

Bismuth, fermium, radon
Bismuth (Ajine Ponce), Fermium (Julius Villanueva), and Radon (Ardie Aquino).

In celebration of the International Year of the Periodic Table, the members of T&E will showcase their unique takes on the different elements, in a limited-run exhibit titled Dynamic Elements: An Artistic Take on the Periodic Table.

platinum, flourine, oganesson
Platinum (Ram Lee), Fluorine (Mharz), and Oganesson (Julius Villanueva).

The artists behind these one-of-a-kind characters will be present at the opening event, which will take place on April 6, 2019 from 1 PM onwards at the Got HeART Gallery, located at Katipunan Ave. Ext., Brgy. White Plains, Quezon City.

The exhibit is free and open to the public, and will run until April 28, 2019.

hydrogen, plutonium, sulfur
Hydrogen (Chubz), Plutonium (Precious Baltazar), and Sulfur (Elbert Or).

For updates, please RSVP via the official Facebook event page.

You may also follow the hashtags #DynamicElements2019#TnEexhibit2019, and #IYPT2019 on social media.

Dynamic Elements: An Artistic Take on the Periodic Table is sponsored by Got HeART Gallery, Unilab Foundation, Tinker House, The Cebruery, Infinit-O Global Foundation, and The Origami Robot Design Co., as well as media partners Knowledge Channel and FlipScience.ph.

Cover photo: Ajine Ponce (Bismuth); Julius Villanueva (Fermium); Ardie Aquino (Radon).

Author: Mikael Angelo Francisco

Bitten by the science writing bug, Mikael has years of writing and editorial experience under his belt. As the editor-in-chief of FlipScience, Mikael has sworn to help make science more fun and interesting for geeky readers and casual audiences alike.