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The search for the next “nuke” wizards is on again, at this year’s Philippine Nuclear Science Quiz (PNSQ)!

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST), through the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (DOST-PNRI), is inviting you to take on the challenge! Grab the opportunity to win a whopping 50,000 pesos, a trophy, and a chance to participate and represent the Philippines in the 2018 ASEAN Nuclear Youth Camp – an event that provide opportunities for ASEAN’s secondary students and teachers to develop a better understanding and appreciation of nuclear science and technology – with all participation expenses covered by the PNRI.

The 2017 PNSQ at a glance

DOST-PNRI once again opens its doors to young science enthusiasts through the 2017 PNSQ. PNRI aims to boost public awareness and appreciation of the nuclear science and technology field’s potential role in uplifting Filipinos’ quality of life.

This year’s event is open to all junior high school students (Grade 7-10) from any Philippine public or private school. The competition is divided into two levels: Regional Level and National Level.

Participating teams should include at least two students and an official coach to qualify. They shall compete in the Regional Level (to be held from October to November 2017) by submitting a 1- to 2-minute video depicting their answer to the question: “Does the Philippines really need nuclear power?” Entries should be submitted before October 13, 2017 for evaluation. They will be posted on the Philippine Nuclear Science Quiz – PNSQ official Facebook page

Only the top two winners in each region will advance to the National Level. Participants will compete in a quiz bee, to be held on December 6, 2017 at the PNRI compound in Quezon City. The quiz will cover various topics on nuclear science and technology including radiation and radioactivity, atomic and nuclear structure, nuclear and radiation technology, nuclear power, radiation protection, nuclear safety and regulations, and current nuclear-related events. The teams will go through three rounds – elimination, semi-final, and final – plus a “power up” stage.

The top team will receive Php 50,000 and a chance to participate in the 2018 ASEAN Nuclear Youth Camp. Second and third placers will receive trophies and cash prizes (Php 40,000 and PHP 30,000, respectively). Lastly, the fourth and fifth placers will receive consolation prizes worth Php 15,000The awarding ceremony will be held on December 07, 2017.

It’s more than just a competition – it’s a quiz with a purpose

The PNSQ is an activity sponsored by the PNRI as part of the DOST-PNRI’s annual Atomic Energy Week (AEW). The AEW is held every second week of December, as mandated under Presidential Proclamation No. 1211 in 1973.

The competition aims to promote and sustain awareness, understanding, appreciation, interest, and participation of the Filipino youth in the nuclear science and technology field – its beneficial applications and potential role in uplifting the country’s way of living – while also fostering a healthy competitive atmosphere.

Similarly, the AEW celebration focuses on enhancing public awareness and engagement on breakthroughs in nuclear research, beneficial uses of nuclear science and technology, advances in radiation technology, and safety in undertaking activities involving radioactive materials.

This year’s AEW will take place on December 4-7, with the theme “Nuclear Science and Technology for the People.” This will be the 45th AEW celebration since 1974.

Ready to PNSQ (Participate, Nail, Solve, and be Quizzed)?

Visit the PNRI’s website now for more information – including the important dates, criteria for evaluating entries, and contest guidelines and mechanics – and downloadable forms.

What are you waiting for? Get your team. Give it a try. Go get’em, genius! –MF

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Author: Romelyn Yamio

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