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Heads up, aspiring postgraduate students!

The prospect of getting your master’s or doctorate abroad is appealing, but also quite costly. Don’t worry, though, as the Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) will be more than happy to support your science dreams.

Keep reading, because DOST-SEI’s Foreign Graduate Scholarships in Specialized Priority S&T Fields just might be the career opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Covered S&T fields

The Program offers full scholarship to MS and PhD students in the following priority fields of study:

•Agriculture (Agronomy, Animal Science, Entomology, Horticulture, Plant Breeding, Plant Pathology, Soil Science, Taxonomy, Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Entomology)
•Analytical Chemistry
•Artificial Intelligence
•Atmospheric Science
•Bioethics and Data Privacy
•Biomedical Engineering
•Chemical Biology
•Combinatorial Chemistry
•Data Science
•Earth Science
•Genetic Epidemiology
•Health financing
•Immersive Technology
•Marine Science
•Medical Entomology
•Medical Physics
•Medicinal Chemistry
•Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
•Natural Products Chemistry
•Nuclear Science and Engineering
•Organic Chemistry
•Public Health Entomology
•Rehabilitation Medicine
•Space Technology and Application/Aerospace Engineering

Benefits for graduate scholars

DOST-SEI’s grad scholars will receive the following benefits:

•Financial assistance to cover actual tuition and other school fees;
•Health and accident insurance;
•Allowance for thesis/dissertation, books, relocation, and living expenses; and
•One (1) round-trip fare from their place of residence to the place of study, applicable while on scholarship until they complete their degrees.

All DOST-SEI asks in return is for the scholars to return to the Philippines and use their newly acquired skills to serve the country: two (2) years of service for every year of the scholarship.

Think about it: Not only will you get your coveted S&T MS or PhD degree, but you’ll also get the chance to make the Philippines a better place. Sounds like a sweet deal, doesn’t it?

Graduate scholarship requirements

If you want to apply for the program, you must be a Filipino citizen 45 years old or younger (at the time of application), with no major health problems.

The process is simple:

1. Pass the admission requirements for graduate studies at your preferred reputable foreign university.
2. Pass the interview and other screening procedures for the scholarship.
3. Officially enroll as a full-time graduate student.

As a DOST-SEI graduate scholar, you must not avail any other scholarship, and must remain unemployed for the duration of your studies (so that you can concentrate on getting that degree!).

Here are the required documents:

1. Accomplished Application Form (click here)
2. Birth Certificate (Photocopy)
3. Certified True Copy of your Official Transcript of Record
4. Endorsement from two of your former undergrad professors (if you’re an MS applicant) or MS professors (if you’re gunning for a PhD)
5. If you’re employed: (a) Recommendation from Head of Agency and (b) Permission to take a leave of absence (LOA) while on scholarship
6. Medical Certificate to verify your health status and fitness to study, from a licensed physician with his/her PRC license number indicated
7. Valid NBI Clearance
8. Letter of Admission to the foreign university
9. Program of Study
10. Budgetary Requirements (with supporting document/s that show your basis for the rates)
11. Re-entry Plan (in narrative form)

The list may look daunting, but let’s be real. It’s a small bit of effort that can go a long, long way.

How to apply as a DOST graduate scholar

Once you’re done with the requirements, simply send them to this address, at least three (3) months before the start of the academic year at your preferred foreign university:

Science & Technology Scholarship Divison
Department of Science and Technology
2nd Level Science Heritage Building, DOST Compound, Bicutan, Taguig City

You can also visit for more information, or contact DOST-SEI via phone (837-1333/839-0083), fax, (839-0086), mobile (0927-886-8816), or email (

Good luck!

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Author: Mikael Angelo Francisco

Bitten by the science writing bug, Mikael has years of writing and editorial experience under his belt. As the editor-in-chief of FlipScience, Mikael has sworn to help make science more fun and interesting for geeky readers and casual audiences alike.