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Hosted by EIC Mikael Angelo Francisco, Ask Theory shines the spotlight on Pinoy scientific brilliance, in a fun and entertaining “kwentuhan” format. Each episode of Ask Theory  features a Pinoy scientist from one of the various scientific disciplines. In a very casual Taglish conversation, guests explain what they do in simple terms, as well as share their fascinating stories: how they got into science, the challenges they face, what motivates them to pursue their fields, what future scientists from the Philippines can look forward to, and so much more.

Episode 5: Anu-Ano Ang Mga Leksyon Ng Mga Pandemyang Nakalipas?

As Spanish-American philosopher George Santayana once said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” As it turns out, this aphorism is especially true when it comes to public health; while knowledge and memory may not always be enough to prevent a health crisis, they can certainly help us determine how to act and identify what to prepare for. Which raises the question: Could we have been more prepared for COVID-19 if we’d paid more attention to our own public health history—and if we’d fixed what needed to be fixed while we still had time to do so?

Our guest on today’s show is Dr. Edrie Alcanzare, a frontliner. He is a public health physician and pathology resident trying to make sense of the health system and the many ways it can be improved. This interview took place in November 2020, but the stories and insights he shared, which came from serving as both a rural physician and a COVID-19 frontliner, are definitely still relevant.

We talked about how both science fiction and reality can become the gateway to the medical path, a pandemic that hit the Philippines over 100 years ago, why history, arts, and social sciences should help form the foundation of any STEM career, the most terrifying thing about COVID-19 that not a lot of people realize, and whether anyone can truly “win” against COVID-19.

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