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Hosted by EIC Mikael Angelo Francisco, Ask Theory shines the spotlight on Pinoy scientific brilliance, in a fun and entertaining “kwentuhan” format. Each episode of Ask Theory  features a Pinoy scientist from one of the various scientific disciplines. In a very casual conversation, guests explain what they do in simple terms, as well as share their fascinating stories: how they got into science, the challenges they face, what motivates them to pursue their fields, what future scientists from the Philippines can look forward to, and so much more.

Episode 153: May Naitutulong Ba Talaga Ang Earth Hour?

In episode 153 of the Ask Theory podcast, Genea Nichole Cortez of Mangrove Matters PH talks about mangrove conservation, the problem of “wrong” mangrove planting, Earth Hour and other similar awareness campaigns, using art to spread environmental awareness, and more.


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The National Mangrove Map of 2023:⁠

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This episode was made possible by the British Council Philippines, the United Kingdom’s international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities. Now on its fourth year, the British Council is accepting applicants for its Women in STEM Scholarship programme. For more information, visit the British Council Women in STEM website:

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