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If you live in Metro Manila, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the Science Works! exhibits. Perhaps you actively decided to visit the exhibit closest to you. Maybe you experienced it because it was an obligatory science stopover during your last field trip.

Nevertheless, you probably remember all the interactive displays. In fact, you probably even asked your friends to take photos of you pressing your palms on the literally hair-raising static ball. (No need to be ashamed, though. Indeed, we all went through that peculiar phase in life when we wanted to look ridiculous on camera.)

Sadly, students and science buffs located in different parts of the country are rarely given as many opportunities to engage in these interactive learning exhibits as their Manila counterparts. And while that does tend to keep the number of rather embarrassing selfies online to a minimum, it also severely limits opportunities for students across the Philippines to know the wonders of science through firsthand experience.

Luckily, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has partnered up with the Department of Education (DepEd) to change that. Furthermore, they’ve decided to start by bringing the Science Works! exhibit of the Philippine Foundation for Science and Technology (PFST) to the students of Palawan.

DOST-MIMAROPA, in partnership with the Philippine Foundation for Science and Technology, will showcase an exhibit…

Posted by DOST – PSTC Palawan on Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Science Works, especially in Palawan

The current incarnation of Science Works! is a K-12 compliant traveling exhibit. It seeks to provide students from Palawan access to a fully immersive learning experience beyond the classroom. Featuring 40 interactive sets covering various areas of general science, students can easily learn concepts and principles in the areas of mechanics, electricity, lights, magnetism, mathematics, and more.

A student tries the static ball, with predictably hair-raising results. (Image: DOST-MIMAROPA)

In a statement, PFST Executive Director May Pagsinohin explains: “Science Works is one of the seven travelling exhibits of the Philippine Science Centrum (PSC) that promotes hands-on and body-on science education emphasizing the 5 E’s of Constructivism: Explore, Engage, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate.”

Pagsinohin also emphasized the role of the country’s premier science agency in making this happen. “This is made possible by the commitment of DOST in bringing science closer to the Filipinos especially the youth in the underserved areas by sponsoring the entrance fee of 200,000 students in 13 provinces nationwide, 30,000 of which are allocated to Palawan.”

Embracing silliness, in the name of science. (Image: DOST-MIMAROPA)

Last January 7 and 22, five-day Science Works! exhibits took place at the Coron Municipal Coliseum and Narra Gynasium, respectively.

Meanwhile, here is the rest of the Science Works! itinerary:
• January 28- February 1: Brooke’s Point Municipal Coliseum
• February 5-February 9: Roxas Municipal Gymnasium
• February 13-15 and 18-19: Julio Arzaga Elementary School Gymnasium, Taytay

Oh, and stay tuned, because your region or province might be next!

Cover photo: Wikipedia, BBC, DOST-MIMAROPA


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