FlipFact of the Day: Contrary to conventional wisdom, coffee can’t sober you up when you’re drunk.

While coffee does have an effect on you when you’re drunk, it doesn’t quite work the way you think it does. As a stimulant, caffeine does raise your level of alertness, which works great against alcohol’s sedative qualities.

However, it doesn’t solve or compensate for the cognitive impairment that comes with your inebriated state. In other words, you’ll feel more alert, but you still wouldn’t be able to think as quickly or clearly.

Imagine the potentially disastrous consequences — for instance, a drunken friend who, after finishing a cup of coffee and feeling alert, insists that he can drive himself home.

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Today’s Science History Milestone: On September 29, 1988, NASA launched STS-26. It was the space agency’s first mission since the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, two years and eight months earlier.

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Author: Mikael Angelo Francisco

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