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FlipFact of the Day: The color red doesn’t make bulls angry. In fact, they’re color-blind to it.

It’s not the red cape (or muleta) that a matador wears which makes his horned nemesis charge in a bullfight. Rather, it’s the way the cape moves that enrages the bull. It’s been shown that bulls will charge at a moving cape regardless of its color; red just happens to be the preferred color for muletas because it helps hide blood (either the matador’s or the bull’s) a lot easier.

Still not convinced? How about this: Just like other types of cattle, bulls are color-blind to red (and green).

Here are a few other well-known “facts” that turned out to be fake.

Today’s Science History Milestone: On October 2, 1955, ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer), one of the world’s first electronic general-purpose computers, was shut down.

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