FlipFact of the Day: Nev Sharp of Humpty Doo, Australia recorded a burp that reached levels of 110.6 decibels. Unofficially, this surpassed the world record held by the United Kingdom’s Paul Hunn (109.9 decibels). To put things into perspective, both burps were louder than a large orchestra (98 decibels) and about as loud as a chainsaw (110 decibels) or a live rock concert (between 108 and 114 decibels).

Watch this video to understand the science behind burping (and to hear Hunn’s record-holding belch):

Today’s Science History Milestone: On July 30, 1863, American inventor and automobile manufacturer Henry Ford was born.

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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQdGYBt4ook

Author: Mikael Angelo Francisco

Bitten by the science writing bug, Mikael has years of writing and editorial experience under his belt. As the editor-in-chief of FlipScience, Mikael has sworn to help make science more fun and interesting for geeky readers and casual audiences alike.