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FlipFact of the Day: As strange as it may sound, astronauts can’t burp in space. At least, not in the way we normally do here on Earth.

Because the microgravity in space is way too weak to pull food down, the gas and liquids in astronauts’ stomachs don’t separate, making it impossible to properly burp.

As astronaut Chris Hadfield explained on Twitter:

“You can’t burp in space because the air, food and liquids in your stomach are all floating together like chunky bubbles. If you burp, you throw up into your mouth. So guess where the trapped air goes?”

Basically, a burp would become a “bomit” – and yes, it’s as disgusting as it sounds.

Today’s Science History Milestone:¬†On August 4, 1954, the P-1 English Electric Lightning, Britain’s first supersonic fighter plane, made its maiden flight.

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Cover: Ricky Arnold Drew Feustel/NASA


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