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Hosted by EIC Mikael Angelo Francisco, Ask Theory shines the spotlight on Pinoy scientific brilliance, in a fun and entertaining “kwentuhan” format. Each episode of Ask Theory  features a Pinoy scientist from one of the various scientific disciplines. In a very casual Taglish conversation, guests explain what they do in simple terms, as well as share their fascinating stories: how they got into science, the challenges they face, what motivates them to pursue their fields, what future scientists from the Philippines can look forward to, and so much more.

Episode 7: Ano Ang Pwedeng Career Ng Mga Physics Graduate Sa Pilipinas?

As a science communicator, I sometimes think about how I could have become a scientist myself. My parents nurtured my love for the sciences at an early age, giving me all the learning resources that they could afford, despite our severely limited household budget. Also, I was absolutely in love with dinosaurs – actually, I still am – and had dreams of becoming a paleontologist. I ended up pursuing a different career path – one that I don’t regret, as it enables me to meet different scientists and, in a way, live out my researcher dreams vicariously through them.

Our guest on today’s show is Dr. Reinabelle Reyes, an astrophysicist and data scientist. She is an educator and science communicator, a strong advocate of using data and statistics when making decisions about disaster risk reduction, policy implementation, and other matters of local and national significance.

We talked about career options for physicists in the Philippines, why data science matters in everyday life, the most fun thing about being a scientist, the many benefits of having a mentor, and what it really takes to be a great scientist.

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